Rock Cutters for Excavators


A wide range of specialized heads for cutting rocks that can be paired with 2-70 ton excavators. 

How to find the perfect RC model for your job

If you need to work in a quarry, a mine, or a road construction site, or in any environment where slabs of rock can become an obstacle, FAE can solve your problem with the models in the RC series, specifically designed to mill large rock slabs, but also perfectly suitable for milling layers of asphalt, bituminous material, and concrete.
Do you have a 2-70 ton excavator and need a head to make your work faster and more productive? FAE’s RC series models are more comfortable to operate than traditional crushing equipment because they generate fewer vibrations and optimize the milling process for higher output. 

How much does an FAE rock cutter for excavators cost?

The cost of an FAE rock cutter for excavators depends on the size of the excavator and the specific equipment requested. Request a quote.

Applications for FAE rock cutters

The RC series has 9 different models of rock cutters, customizable with various special accessories designed to adapt perfectly to the harshest working conditions, or wherever you need to mill rock slabs, build service canals, or work in a quarry, mine or tunnel.

Watch the video of FAE rock cutters at work