FAE revamps the STABI/H to deliver a new degree of excellence in soil stabilization.

FAE takes the STABI/H - its flagship soil stabilizer for 300-500 hp tractors - to a whole new level.

The STABI/H is designed to prepare ground for building roads, highways, railroads, parking lots, sports complexes, office parks, industrial plants, and other infrastructure.

The 2023 model features a completely renovated head frame. The new torsion bar, connected to the movable sides, guarantees accurate alignment at any working depth, and allows operators to control the operating depth with extreme precision. This major modification improves the head’s overall durability and productivity.

The STABI/H still has all the features that make it one-of-a-kind in the market. The exclusive variable geometry chamber allows the rotor to penetrate the soil using the movable frame, which is hydraulically adjustable with superior accuracy right from the tractor’s cab. Compared to a traditional machine, there is less traction stress, which means lower power demand and less fuel consumption. The side transmissions with reduction gears integrated into the rotor are another unique feature. The placement of the rotor and the transmission on a parallel axis helps the rotor achieve a superb working depth, without driving the frame into the ground. This technological solution boosts productivity and decreases power requirements, which also helps with fuel requirements.

The STABI/H is available in 2 models, the STABI/H and the heavy-duty STABI/H/HP, and in 2 widths, 225 and 250 cm. The oil-cooled side reduction gears, interchangeable Hardox internal protections, and the rotor with high-performance bolt-on teeth with tungsten carbide plates are all standard equipment. Optional equipment includes the WSS High flow water injection system and the FCS.