Road planers for excavators


Road planers with disc or fixed-tooth rotor for excavators, for shredding asphalt and concrete up to a depth of 13.5 cm.

How to choose an FAE asphalt shredder for excavators

Do you need to pair your excavator with a sturdy, reliable, and high-performing self-leveling shredder? Put your trust in FAE and go for the RPL/EX range, designed specifically for 8 to 14 ton excavators and capable of working at depths of up to 13.5 cm and 45 cm wide.

How much do FAE road planers for excavators cost?

Contact FAE to get a quote for an asphalt shredder designed around  your excavator needs.

The applications of an asphalt shredder for excavators

 The RPL/EX is perfect for preparing roads for resurfacing or for simplifying excavation operations. 

Watch the video of FAE asphalt shredders for excavators at work