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Taming limestone rock

Meet the young entrepreneur who relies on FAE for working the local rock

The archipelago of Malta, in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, is famous for its striking landscapes. However, to agricultural and construction workers, it’s also known for its limestone rock, which makes the land difficult to work with an excavator.  

The island is home to Victor Mifsud, a young entrepreneur who works the soil and recycles demolition waste, motivated by his immense love for the land and a deep desire to grow his business. “I’ve worked in this sector for years,” says Victor, “and I like to make sure I'm constantly improving. That’s why I only use the best equipment on the market.
This spring, Victor received his new MTH, the undisputed champion of FAE’s multitask heads. It works with tractors up to 500 HP and can stabilize soil, crush rocks and mill slabs of rock and asphalt, with a max. operating depth of 50 cm.

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This makes it the ideal head for crushing the rocks that make up the Maltese archipelago and for Victor’s ambitious projects. “The MTH came in April 2021 and was delivered directly to me by two FAE representatives. Roberto Sandri (Service n.d.r.) and Daniel Bertagnolli (Area Manager Construction Europe n.d.r) led me through a training course on how to use and maintenance the machine that lasted a full two days. They were there to help put out in the field, mount the new machine to my Fendt 939 tractor, and they gave me lots of technical information. It was all really exciting and helpful. It made me feel confident that I could get the best out of this little beauty right away!”

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Putting an FAE out in the field always involves mounting the head to the tractor (or excavator) and setting it up carefully to meet the client’s needs. In fact, setting up the client’s machine correctly is vital in unleashing the full potential of an FAE machine. This is why the experience gained by FAE personnel over many years and in international settings is so important.

Watching the FAE experts at work really sparked my curiosity, and I started bombarding them with questions to help me better understand all the features and technologies on my new machine. Those two days were really eye-opening,” Victor explains. “The machine was tested for hours under all kinds of working conditions before the field test was considered passed. Only then was it handed over to me so that I could start using it.

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So now, a few months later, we’re back here in Malta to ask Victor how he it's going with his new MTH.

“I am definitely a satisfied customer. I’ve mostly been dealing with excavations. I mill the rock with the MTH and move the leftover material off site. The MTH lets me excavate deep, to place the foundation for a hotel, for example, or to build garages. And when I’m doing any kind of road work, like making a gravel road or a path, I know that I can just as easily rely on my MTH for that too.”

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