Shortly after 3:00 pm on February 19th, 2017, Gianfranco Corradini and his three friends Massimiliano, Stefano and Giovanni placed a white FAE flag at 22,808 feet (6,952m) above sea level on top of Mount Anconcagua, in Argentina.


This is an extremely hard achievement and an honor for FAE to sponsor Gianfranco’s expedition. Having lost a leg in a motorcycle accident, Gianfranco never gave up on his accent to the tallest peak in the southern hemisphere. Arriving at base camp on February 12th (14,100ft/4,300m), the 4 friends hiked to base camp 2 (18,000ft/5,500m) and then on the base camp 3 (19,700ft/6000m). The expedition halted for 3 days due to the cold and wind, but at 8:00 am Sunday morning, with a light breeze and a clear sky, Gianfranco and his friends decided to go for the peak. With the thin air slowing down their climb, it was at 3:00 pm when the 4 friends finally reached the peak of Aconcagua. They planted the FAE flag firmly on top of the mountain, and for a little while, fluttering at almost 23,000ft (7,000m) above sea level, was the tallest flag in the Southern Hemisphere. THANKS GUYS FOR THIS FANTASTIC ADVENTURE!

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