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Markit Forestry Management ("Markit! Forestry"), a diversified Colorado forestry company based in Colorado Springs, has contributed to fighting the Beaver Creek Fire near Walden, Colorado.
The Beaver Creek Fire was detected on June 19, 2016, approximately 24 miles northwest of Walden. The fire is burning in heavy beetle-killed timber. As of July 25, the fire had spread to over 26,000 acres and was being fought by over 260 people.
To aid the firefighting effort, Markit! Forestry has contributed a 300+ horsepower Barko 930 forestry tractor with an FAE mastication head (Fae Mulcher) and an experienced operator. Mark Herndon, one of the founders of Markit! Forestry, and a National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) certified Firefighter and Fireline Sawyer, has been operating Markit!'s forestry tractor with an Fae mulcher to help build fire lines for the last 14 days.
The Beaver Creek Fire has burned both public and private land in Colorado and Wyoming, including over 14,500 acres of the Routt National Forest. The fire is being fueled by timber and brush, with particular hazards from high density beetle-killed lodge pole stands. The beetle-killed trees are subject to being blown over, which makes the fire containment effort especially dangerous for firefighters.
The Barko 930 forestry tractor contributed by Markit! Forestry is one of the largest forestry tractors operating in Colorado. The tractor is large enough to push trees over, and the mastication head (a FAE 300U Forestry Mulcher for special built hydraulic Prime Movers) on the tractor grinds the trees and brush into small chips, thereby creating fire lines for controlled burning operations. The productivity of the forestry tractor saves countless hours of dangerous work that otherwise would be done by firefighters with chainsaws.

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Markit! Forestry's contribution to fighting the Beaver Creek Fire has been acknowledged on the NWCG website, InciWeb. The InciWeb write-up on Markit! Forestry appears on the following page.
Markit! Forestry is a full service forestry management company headquartered in Colorado Springs. Markit! Forestry provides Forest Fuels Reduction, Forest Health Restoration, Post-Fire Rehabilitation, Defensible Space Construction, Timber Harvesting and Trail Building services on State, Federal and private land.
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