A PT-300 D:Mine for the Civil Defence in Bosnia


PT 300 D Mine 700

Founded in 1989, the FAE Group boasts more than 25 years of experience in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art tillers/shredders that attach to tractors, mini-loaders, excavators and special built carriers (prime movers).
PrimeTech produces a wide range of tracked carriers that use easily interchangeable FAE front attachments for forestry applications, for land conversion/subsoiling as well as for mine-clearing/demining. Unlike other demining vehicles, the PT-300 D:Mine equipped with remote control is designed for multiple applications (including forestry, agriculture and road clearing), and boasts innovative features that make it versatile and reliable.

After the contract was sealed, the Bosnian Civil Defence expressed the wish to visit the PrimeTech headquarters in Sarnonico (Italy).
Their delegation was positively impressed with both the production line and the team of dedicated engineers who have devoted years to the design and constant improvement of demining vehicles.
They also showed great appreciation for the solid customer support, hassle-free after-sales service and on-site training packages.

PT-300 D: Mine in figures

PT-300 D: Mine (Medium Machine category) is a tracked carrier. Its remote control ensures accurate guidance at a range of up to 1000 m and has a speed of 8 km/h. It is equipped with an FAE 300/TD tiller, with a working width of 2500 mm, specifically designed to withstand explosions of anti-tank and anti-personnel mines.
Hardox® and Weldox® Steel makes tools and rotor wear resistant. The Periflex® transmission system protects the head in the event of explosions. Adapting to each type of terrain, PT-300 D:Mine can reach an hourly productivity of 2000 m² and has an average working depth of 250 mm. The ground pressure exerted by the vehicle is only 0.26 kg/cm². Thanks to the oscillating undercarriage, the PT-300 D:Mine maintains excellent mobility both on steep slopes (100% climbing ability) and in swampland or ground made inaccessible by mud or snow. Another important feature, especially in rocky and densely overgrown areas, is PT-300 D:Mine’s high ground clearance (400 mm), which limits structural damage and, during maintenance, makes it quick and easy to access major components. PrimeTech vehicles can cope effectively with any weather condition, from the coldest temperatures of Siberia to the scorching heat of the African deserts.
Overheating is minimized thanks to separate and enhanced cooling systems for both hydraulic system and engine.
And the PT-300 D:Mine large-capacity fuel tank (330 l) ensures a range of at least 8 hours at 100% diesel engine load: a key advantage over comparable machines from the competition which can end up with a dry tank after just 4 hours of work.

In 2012 PrimeTech was awarded a CWA 15044: 2009 - Test and evaluation of demining machines standard certification by the Croatian Mine Action Centre. Extensive tests have shown that the PT-300 D:Mine performs outstandingly in shredding vegetation of various density, from low to high.

Demining in Bosnia

Twenty years after its violent civil conflict, Bosnia has to come to terms with a very harsh war legacy. The country is facing tremendous challenges to free its territory of mines by 2019, as required by national plans. It is estimated that today there are over 200,000 landmines still present and active in Bosnian territory.
Despite the efforts of local communities and international aid, areas to be reclaimed cover 1200 km2, putting at risk the lives of over half a million people every day.

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